Shocking Pizza Toppings That Actually Work

Posted on: 21 August 2018

There are certain pizza toppings that you might have tried a million times, but if you are feeling worn down by the same types of pizza toppings, there are many very surprising alternatives to conventional pizza toppings. Just make sure not to tell a pizza purist.


One unconventional topping to throw on a pizza is an egg. This is best combined with mushrooms and thyme leaves. While many cheeses pair well with an egg pizza, fontina cheese is the most recommended.


Some pizzas can be surprisingly sweet, especially if the chef adds a little sugar to the sauce. Another way to sweeten up a pizza is to add beets, goat cheese, and basil. This will make your pizza taste very creamy.


If you'd like your pizza to be spicier, a common tactic is to throw hot sauce on the pizza or sprinkle on some red pepper flakes. Another option is to add jalapenos. These are paired well with pineapple, pulled pork, cilantro, and bacon.

Butternut Squash

There are many options for those who eschew meat on their pizza, but you may become tired of pizzas that only have cheese, olives, onions, mushrooms, and peppers. A more uncommon veggie option is butternut squash. Butternut squash is best combined with thyme and sage.


Toppings that seem strange in the U.S. may be much more commonplace in other countries, such as Brazil. A common topping used on pizzas south of the border is peas. They go great with tomatoes and the typical cheeses used on a pizza.


Don't assume that toppings that normally go bad together would fail on a pizza. When apples and carmelized onions are baked together, they can create an interesting and sweet flavor. After finishing the pizza, keep honey by your plate and add some as needed.


If you want a very healthy pizza jammed with vegetables, use sundried tomatoes, corn, goat cheese, and pesto. The more that you experiment with your pizza, the more you'll begin to wonder if it's even a pizza. But all that matters is if you enjoy it.

If you're at a takeout pizza restaurant and you want to try something different, bring up possible toppings that aren't normally placed on a pizza to the waitress. Look at the menu and get a sense of what type of ingredients are available. Many pizza restaurants are happy to give you something different if you ask.