Four Benefits Of Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Stainless steel has become a kitchen standard for appliances in the last two decades, but it was part of restaurant equipment long before that. So, what makes stainless steel the perfect option for stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators in a restaurant kitchen? The following benefits reveal why stainless steel restaurant equipment is the preferred choice.

So Easy to Clean

Stainless steel wipes clean with no elbow grease. Just spray your kitchen cleaner and wipe off the splatters and the dirt. You can use a hot, wet, soapy cloth, or you can use glass cleaner. All sorts of cleaners are safe to use when cleaning stainless steel, with the one exception of abrasive materials, which will scratch the steel finish. Everything else is fair game, and all of it works on stainless steel appliances.

No Rust or Corrosion

Steel, as you know, cannot and does not rust. What better material to handle hot steam and water in the dishwasher in your restaurant kitchen? Thousands upon thousands of dishes go through a commercial dishwasher every month. That much usage in a standard dishwasher not made of stainless steel would wreck the dishwasher in less than a year or two. Because the stainless steel dishwasher holds up to that level of use, it may be years before you have to replace it.

Energy Efficient

Stainless steel does not effectively conduct or transfer heat, but it can contain heat or cold quite well. This principle means that your ovens are as hot as they need to be without burning your skin on the outside of the oven. Your refrigerators and freezers are always the right temperature to maintain health and safety standards of meat and produce in your kitchen.

This makes these appliances more energy efficient as the heat and/or cold are not escaping the enclosed regions. It is not forcing these appliances to work harder to maintain heat and cold temperatures. Less energy consumed to maintain temperatures equals greater energy efficiency.

Professional Look

Peer into any commercial kitchen, regardless of where the kitchen is located and what it is used for, and you will see stainless steel appliances. They have become synonymous with professional kitchens. That said, if the kitchen in your restaurant looks a little less than professional, maybe it is time to invest in new appliances, specifically stainless steel ones. They are relatively affordable and can be purchased from most sellers and distributors of professional kitchen equipment.

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