Event Venues For A Group Of 50

Posted on: 28 October 2017

When planning intimate weddings, birthday parties, or any other celebrations, finding a great, fun, and creative venue is important. In most cases, the event venue could actually be a deal-breaker in making a party enjoyable and memorable. The good news is that your event planning team and caterer might actually be more accommodating for your preferences of event venues.  Here are just some of the event venues for a group of 50.


Restaurants with an event space are an obvious choice. You'll have your catering built right in. A restaurant event space is comfortable and climate controlled, it already has seating for a large group, and it's often a venue that people recognize as a good choice. 

Theme Parks

Some small and even big theme parks host small events. Theme parks have this playful vibe that makes any event exciting. Your guests can enjoy the park's attraction: try the amusement rides, play the games, and roam around the area. Coordinate with the park's manager about the setup and work some ways on how to isolate your event's actual assembly or eating area to prevent non-guests from coming. Instruct your caterer to prepare food and eating utensils that can also be used while your guests roam around the park after the main event.

Beach Resorts

Beach resorts can also hold events for a group of 50. Imagine the sunrise or the sunset along the horizon during your event. It sure is breathtaking! Your guests can also enjoy the sun and the beach during your event. Ask your caterer to put up large umbrellas or any other temporary roofing along the beach. The food should also be suitable for the beach setting. You may need to bring your own audio visual specialist to set up speakers and projectors, if needed.

Garden and Picnic Spaces

Another favorite for event venues are gardens and picnic spaces. This venue provides a naturally beautiful backdrop for your event. There can be colorful flowers around the venue and lots of eating spaces for your guests. Your caterer can prepare finger foods that your guests can carry as they appreciate nature. This is a tricky one for audio visual equipment, so contact an expert.

Event Halls

Not feeling outdoorsy? Event halls never get old. They are also weatherproof, so your event can push through regardless of the weather. It does not get boring too! Your caterer can prepare not just mouthwatering food, but can also transform the event hall magically to a beautiful venue for your event.

Theme parks, beach resorts, garden and picnic areas, and event halls, like The Cedar Door, are just some of the many event venues for a group of 50. Coordinate with your caterer to select the best type of place for your personality, your guests' preferences, and your purpose for the event. Get creative, and you can surely think of new ways to celebrate with your guests.