Vietnamese Food Delivery: 3 Delicious Alternatives To Pho

Posted on: 23 February 2017

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisines, the most popular dish is probably pho. Pho originated from Northern Vietnam in the mid-1880s and is basically rice noodles in soup born from a combination of Chinese, French, and native influences. The delicious, hearty broth is usually paired with slices of red meat. If you love pho, then you should not overlook the other noodle and soup dishes that Vietnamese food has to offer. This article will look at 3 other delicious, yet not as popular, alternatives that you should definitely try.

The Spicy Fierceness of Bun Bo Hue

If you love spicy dishes, then you can't go wrong with ordering bun bo hue. This dish is a lot more aromatic than pho, as it combines a lot more spices like lemongrass, annatto, and shrimp paste in its beef and pork bone soup. Chilli oil is added as a finishing touch. Rather than being served with solely slices of red meat, you'll find an assortment of different things in bun bo hue, like crab balls and even cubes of congealed pork blood. It's definitely a worthwhile dining experience to add to your bucket list.

The Delicious Seafood in Bun Rieu

Vietnamese noodle soups do not always have to contain red meat. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives that rely heavily on the umami of seafood instead. In particular, bun rieu is a popular option that you can easily find at most Vietnamese restaurants. This dish combines freshwater crab with a tomato broth rather than pork or beef bone soup. You'll also usually find an assortment of vegetables included in the soup as well.

The Nutritiousness of Pho Ga

To survive a flu or cold, you might enjoy the Vietnamese version of chicken soup, otherwise known as pho ga. Pho ga is basically rice noodles served in chicken broth and topped with tender and moist pieces of chicken. The unique thing about this soup is that it is cooked using all of the parts of a chicken. This includes the organs like the liver and the kidneys. You'll find pho ga to be richer than usual chicken soup. In addition, the broth is enhanced using spices like star anise and cloves.


Vietnamese cuisine is much more than just pho. If you love pho already, you should definitely try out the different alternatives that are available as well. You'd be surprised at how different each broth can taste. With that said, plenty of Vietnamese restaurants will deliver these delicious dishes to your home for your convenience.