Quinceanera Catering To The 15th Degree: Adding Meaning To The Food Served

Posted on: 11 January 2017

A quinceanera is the Spanish celebration of a young girl's transition from childhood to adulthood. Most caucasian Americans celebrate the "Sweet 16," while Hispanic Americans celebrate the 15th birthday of their daughters (and usually just daughters get this party). If you plan to hire a caterer, there are ways in which you can add more meaning to the party via the food served.

Catering Provides Fifteen Foods Your Child Loved Over the Years

From your daughter's first favorite solid food to her present favorite, a caterer can prepare fifteen favorites for party guests to enjoy. That includes regional and international Hispanic and Latino favorites. If she loved tacos when she was one, tamales when she was two, black beans and rice when she was three, etc,. the caterer can prepare one food to represent each year of her life. Then the guests can pick and choose from a buffet table which ones to eat.

Catering a Fifteen-Course Meal

Another way to cater a quinceanera is to offer guests a fifteen-course meal. Every guest sits and is served fifteen elegant courses in perfect portions so that all fifteen can be enjoyed. There is no rush, and any course can be refused, but it does leave leftovers for which you do have to pay. You typically pay by the plate when you do a fine-dining-style catering. However, it is a very elegant means of celebrating your daughter's birthday, and one which no guest will forget.

Catering a Fifteen-Hour or Fifteen-Day Party

If you have the money to spend, you can really set a wow-factor party by hiring a caterer to cater a fifteen-hour or fifteen-day party in any location of your choice. In this capacity, the caterer serves meals every hour, or serves three square meals for fifteen days. This is, by far, your most expensive option, but you are going to throw the party of a lifetime for your daughter. Guest counts may vary over this extended party time, so it is best to get an estimated head count in order for the caterer to make enough food for everyone.

One Caterer or Multiple Caterers

If you choose to work with an event management company, your daughter's quinceanera may have one caterer or multiple caterers, depending on the size and length of time of the party. If you need and/or are willing to work with more than one caterer, just be sure to taste all of the food you expect to be served. One caterer will have fairly consistent taste, quality and service, but more than one for the party might mean more variety, and possibly more challenges.

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