Three Sandwiches That Make The Perfect Companion To A Meal Of Pizza

Posted on: 10 January 2017

Pizza is often a full meal by itself, but sometimes you may crave a little variety. If you are interested in ordering pizza, but you want to add a little bit extra to the meal, a sandwich is a good idea. Sandwiches come in so many varieties that you are sure to find something that you and your family will enjoy. Adding sandwiches in with your pizza order will also stretch out the meal, which is a necessity if you have a large family or large appetites. Here are three unique and curious sandwiches that you may wish to have with your meal of pizza. 

All Fried Everything Sandwich

Pizza tends to have a moist and soft taste. If you want something that counters the taste and texture of the pizza, you may want to have an all fried everything sandwich. This means that the chicken, pickles, and tomatoes that are on the sandwich will be battered and fried before they are placed on the bread. If you enjoy fried food, this type of sandwich is one of that you will enjoy. A fried sandwich will also be thick and filling, meaning that you will likely have pizza left for the next meal. 

Spaghetti Sandwich

Pizza and spaghetti are both Italian foods and are often served in the same restaurant. Like a hearty version of a grilled cheese, this sandwich will feature cooked spaghetti noodles, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese. This sandwich should be toasted on the stove after the ingredients are added into the bread. A spaghetti sandwich will put a twist on the average Italian meal and make spaghetti much less messy and much more portable. This is the type of sandwich you can easily add to a plate along with your pizza and sit in front of the living room television. 

Lasagna Calzone Sandwich

A calzone is known to be half sandwich and half pizza. Make your meal 100% Italian by making the calzone a lasagna calzone. This calzone should feature marinara meat sauce, several different cheeses, and lasagna noodles inside of the calzone bread. Be sure that the sandwich is flat enough to properly grasp but has all of the fixings that are necessary to get the proper taste of the lasagna. A lasagna calzone will match great with the fan favorite of pepperoni pizza and will be filling enough to provide for the entire family.