3 Foods To Try In An Israeli Restaurant

Posted on: 6 January 2017

Did you recently discover that you have Israeli roots and want to learn more about the cuisine? May of the food types that are served by Israelis is similar to other types of cuisines. However, they might be prepared in a different manner. Visiting an Israeli restaurant is the best way to learn more about the cuisine and discover a few dishes that you might enjoy. Take a look at this article to discover some of the different foods that you might come across when dining at an Israeli restaurant.

1. Enjoy a Dish that Contains Chicken

Chicken is one of the most common types of meats that are used in Israeli cuisine. Although it is served in other cuisines as well, chicken soup is one of the popular dishes that you might find at a restaurant. The soup is typically prepared using a basic broth and vegetables such as carrots and onions. Herbs like dill and parsley are also used in Israeli chicken soup dishes. Baked chicken with potatoes and fried onions might be another dish that you find in an Israeli restaurant.

2. Eat Fresh Fish for a Healthy Meal Option

Fresh fish is commonly served in Israeli restaurants, and there are usually a variety of types to choose from. For instance, trout, carp, and grouper are some of the fish species that you can find in the Israeli cuisine. You can get the fish baked, fried, braised, or grilled, but it depends on the specific dish that you opt for. A dish known as fish kufta is popular in Israeli restaurants, which is a fried dish that contains herbs, onions, and an array of spices. The dish is typically served with a sauce that is made from yogurt.

3. Try a Dish that Is Prepared Using Eggs

Eggs are popular in the Israeli cuisine, and they are served using different cooking methods. For instance, there is a dish called haminados that is served with eggs that have been boiled. The boiled eggs are then baked in the oven with other types of meats to complete different dishes. You might also want to give an egg dish called shakshuka a try, which is a basically poached egg that is served with a special tomato sauce. When it comes to eating breakfast, omelets are a popular Israeli cuisine, only they are prepared using some of the common herbs and spices of the culture such as dill, cumin, cloves, and parsley.

Keep these ideas in mind next time you visit a restaurant such as Bar Virage.