What Questions Should You Ask Before Buying Restaurant Equipment?

Posted on: 16 February 2017

Without dependable restaurant equipment, your new business could run into trouble. Unless you have experience with selecting restaurant equipment, you might find the experience overwhelming. Here are some questions to ask yourself when shopping for equipment.  

Is Leasing a Good Move?

Buying new restaurant equipment can overwhelm your budget. As a result, leasing the equipment might seem like the right move. However, leasing all of the equipment might not be the best option.  

To start the lease, you might be required to pay a deposit amount. The amount could be more than you want to commit to or can reasonably afford. In addition to this, the leased equipment is usually not customized, which means that it might not fulfill your needs exactly as you want.  

There are some benefits to leasing. It gives you a chance to get your restaurant off the ground without committing to buying expensive equipment. If you decide to later get out of the business, you can simply return the equipment.  

If your business is seasonal, leasing the equipment can potentially save money. Instead of buying the equipment, you only need to worry about paying for the months you will actually use it.  

What Is Included in the Warranty?

It is imperative that you take the time to read the warranty information for each equipment purchase you make. There are key differences in the warranties that can make the difference between you having to pay out of pocket for repairs and being able to rely on the manufacturer to step up. 

In addition to knowing what repairs are covered, you need to be clear on what actions you have to take to avoid voiding your warranty. The warranty might require you to have certain maintenance tasks completed on a regular basis. If you fail to do that, any necessary repairs might not be covered.  

If an extended warranty is available for any of the equipment, it might be worth buying it. To protect your budget, you could consider the warranty for the more expensive items that you are buying. At the least, you could potentially save on the cost of those repairs.  

Since you are new to buying restaurant equipment, consider working with someone who has experience to make decisions. You should also look for an equipment dealer, such as DSL Northwest, Inc., that you can trust. Recommendations from others can lead you to someone who can also help guide you through the buying process.